Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Sound of Silence ? - Healing Modern Schizophrenia in Public Life

Rationalism applied and universalized into all the institutions of modern society from the university to the workplace results in a secular society which suffocates with no spirit, and hence secular man now runs to a private and pure mysticism to save himself from this breathlessness.
While apophatic spiritualities have their place within genuine faith though at its highest point of response to the manifestation of 'God's unspeakable gift' they definitely do not belong to the first steps of an alternative to the existential vacuum created by the logics of secularism permeating the public spheres of life where we go to work daily.
Schizophrenic modern man having rationalized secularism into all of society and life, lusts after a private but wordless and contentless mystical spirituality to sustain him with meaning and happiness. In India we would say that Brahman is Nirgunan i.e. God Himself is contentless!
The gospel spirituality offers a real alternative. Here we find the Spirit hovering over the primevel chaos to bring a whole universe of creation filled with light and life out of darkness. But Spirit does this by first creating the language that speaks creation and form into being. 'And God said....' (Gen 1). Here is a spirituality of word and spirit melted together.
More still, spanning the yeons, the same Spirit comes to baptize each one of us into New Creation, and in each of us is first created the fire of languages that speaks forth boldly the life of God into New Being. (Acts 2).
In contrast to secular man, in the Man Jesus, we can come into an authentic spirituality that heals this schizophrenic splintering of modern spirituality into the emptiness of private silence (call it Brahman if you want) divorced from the logics and discourses driving public action (call it Maya if you want). This Jesus spirituality heals us by immersing each of us with gifts and languages ablaze with the fire of God's Life so we land up speaking New Life into all the vast spaces of the Public.

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