Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Not To Do Theology

"As soon as the Gospels were written, speech without experience began to dabble with the new facts proposed by the existence of the Church...People tried to think the New Life without being touched by it first in some form of calling, listening, passion or change of heart "
-- EUGEN ROSENSTOCK-HUESSEY in The Fruit of Lips Or Why Four Gospels

What is troubling about the new recovery or discovery of the Reformation truths in this generation which were eclipsed in the West for a time and never planted in Indian churches fully any time(acknowledging sparks of exceptions)is exactly captured by Rosenstock's statement above. To get hold of the Reformed faith merely as a system of theology is itself damning. But what i have seen is that there is an avid aversion to the experiental aspects of the Truth by claiming that experience is dangerous and the pinnacle of this arid and powerless rationalism which is birthed more in the spirit of modernity than of Christ is that it dares to redefine faith as mere assent to the system of doctrines.
In contrast to this we must say that the gospel which Paul says is 'The Power of God for salvation' if at all it comes anywhere truly has come only when it does not come in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Ghost and in much assurance. Regeneration is not about just a change of mind though it involves that profoundly but also about an entire New Humanity and a New Creation that ultimately transforms every realm of life.

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